At 68, I don’t wear a lot of makeup any more, and I haven’t used hair coloring in years.  (I kind of like the silvery grey-blonde it is now).  But L’Oreal has always been one of my go-to companies.  Was it the exotic French name?  Oh, probably a little bit, yes.  Not too different from a lot of others, I would guess, for whom France tantalizes from afar and somehow using a cosmetic with such a name makes one feel more feminine.  More important, though, is the fact that L’Oreal has always been in my price range.  I don’t shop at Nordstrom’s or Saks, hardly ever even go to Macy’s.  But L’Oreal has been a dependable brand whose products did what they were supposed to do.  Their commercials might have promised more, but at least they didn’t deliver less than I expected.

So imagine my disgust when I went to my Facebook page (yeah, I have a Facebook page, but that will be the topic of another blog, another day) and was confronted with this tidbit:

Rabbits in a Cage

(Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site)

“Isn’t it time that cosmetic testing on animals be a thing of the past? Evidently L’Oreal Paris doesn’t think so.

L’Oreal continues to use rabbits as test subjects for their beauty products. These tests involve extremely painful procedures that can severely injure or kill the animals. Substances are dropped into their eyes, skin is shaved down in order to test chemicals, and poisons are force-fed. Most of the animals are then euthanized after they have served L’Oreal’s purpose.

You, as the consumer, have an opportunity to call L’Oreal out on its disgusting methods. Sign the pledge declaring a boycott of all L’Oreal products until the company ceases to use animals in testing of any kind!”

Here’s the petition:

Dear Chairman and CEO Jean-Paul Agon:

I am writing to let you know that until your company stops using animals in cosmetic testing, I will not buy any L’Oreal product.

L’Oreal continues to use rabbits in tests for beauty products, and the processes aren’t pretty. Substances are dropped into their eyes, skin is shaved down in order to test chemicals, and poisons are force-fed. The animals are then euthanized when they are no longer needed.

And all to meet China’s requirements to sell in their markets. This financially motivated decision to test on animals suggests your company’s ethics are for sell.

Your actions are nothing more than animal cruelty and need to stop now. Please resort to non-animal testing if you would like to keep me as a customer.


So, Msr. Jean-Paul Agon, if L’Oreal can’t make enough money from its loyal customers outside China, you should go into another business.  Because you’re certainly not going to get mine anymore.

Now, read this and weep:

French cosmetics giant L’Oréal is aiming for 250 million new customers in China as a newly-affluent middle class spends its increasing wealth on the group’s stable of luxury skincare brands like Lancôme, chief executive Jean-Paul Agon said today.

The company’s Luxe luxury division, which also plans to launch its Yves Saint Laurent fragrances in China next month, has enlisted celebrities including Julia Roberts and Emma Watson to appeal to Chinese consumers in a market for luxury goods that has doubled in the past five years. New markets including China accounted for almost half of the division’s €5.56 billion (£4.7 billion) sales last year.The world’s second biggest economy is set to create 260 million more middle class consumers by 2020 as city dwellers account for the majority of the population for the first time.  Agon, speaking in Shanghai, said the cosmetics firm would be extending its reach beyond major centres like Shanghai to smaller cities and added:  “A potential 250 million new customers will be using our products in the next 10-15 years, making China the number one contributor to our ambition of winning one billion new customers.”
Accompanying the article was a photo of lovely Chinese models applying L’Oreal’s makeup in front of mirrors.  No rabbit pictures were included.
Here’s where you can sign & SHARE the petition:
While you’re at it, send copies to Julia Roberts and Emma Watson, too!
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5 Comments on “CHINA WINS AGAIN”

  1. calahan Says:


    Another aspect to this is educating Chinese consumers. A lot of this is a new concept for them, animal rights and all, but it’s just a lack of information or a case of misinformation. For example, ivory trade has had a big resurgence because ivory is being bought by many folks in China. However, Chinese consumers are told (and this was confirmed by foreign exchange students in an article I cannot locate at this moment… super legit reference, right?) that the elephants are sedated, the tusks are removed and grow back like antlers.


    • paralaxvu Says:

      You’re right, but how to educate the Chinese consumers? It seems like right now the only option we have is to sign and circulate these petitions and others like them to get US companies away from trading with China and perhaps the country itself will cut back on exports and sales of things like L’Oreal products and elephant tusk ivory. Thanks for your input. I didn’t know about the stories being told to the Chinese people, but then why should I be surprised? Heck, we’re told enough stories by the US government, eh?


    • calahan Says:

      The Chinese students who learn of the ivory fallacy and return home, take with them information that didn’t exist before. Really, that’s the best way to get the word out is by bringing it as much into the forefront as possible. Petitions help to do that.


  2. EllaDee Says:

    Thanks for sharing this… as with all Big Corporations, I ask why and tear my [coloured] hair out trying to find answers. Why is everything so complicated, why can I not buy food and products that won’t hurt me or anything else? One answer. Money. Big Corporations will only change their practices when consumers change their spending habits. I’m now going back to searching for a compassionate hair colour solutiuon.


    • paralaxvu Says:

      And be sure to go to that page and sign the petition and add your comment (copy this one–it’s great!). And as always, thanks for reading.


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