I initially wrote this for last year’s Mother’s Day.  I think it needs repeating, not because I wrote it but because there are a lot of hurting hearts out there.

The Womb of the Unknown Mother

You were young.  Too young.  Or perhaps not.

Innocent and naive…or perhaps not.

You already had too many mouths to feed.  Or just your own, but not enough food.

The father had denied.  Never answered your letter.  Or simply disappeared.

Your parents were angry.  Embarrassed.  Ashamed.  And/or Catholic.

Yet abortion was never a consideration.  Catholic or no religion, for you life is a life, even if it must be lived away from yours.

So you gave the child away and walked into your future alone.

Most of your friends, even your relatives, don’t know about this part of your past life, your lost child.  Perhaps the only one you ever bore.

They don’t know about the solemn thoughts that sometimes steal into you in the dark silence of the late night hours.  Or that stab you in teary surprise as you walk past the baby department on your way to the perfume counter.

But there are some who understand, some whose external lives may not mirror yours yet whose internal lives mesh perfectly with yours, if only on Mother’s Day.  And on this day, you all travel together separately, deep inside yourselves, to meet the person you were then and try to explain once again to yourself and your far-away child why you did what you did.

Perhaps your deed was heroic, perhaps selfish.  Probably some of both.  It was what it was and you became who you are.

But there will always be one small corner of your heart, one soft layer of your womb that is empty and will never be filled.  It is to that part I address my salutation, and I mourn with you in sisterhood and motherhood.

And for your life today, what you have made of yourself, I offer a

Happy Unknown Mother’s Day.

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  1. WOW – simply stunning.


  2. EllaDee Says:

    I’m glad you shared this again… it means something, it is real… We all have mothers regardless of whether we are mothers or how we are mothers, and your words serves to remind that being a mother is about more than a Hallmark sentiment.


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